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Zip & Snowmobile Tour

Zip & Snowmobile Tour

HODGES HILL SNOWMOBILE TOUR: We start right at the chalets and head North into Hodges Hills.

This tour has everything any rider would want, from steep technical hill-climbing, beautiful backcountry trails, and some groomed trails. On all trips we climb almost to the summit to take in a view of the scenery including the Gaff Topsails. The thing we like most about this trip is that depending on the group we can take the easy route which most anyone can do or if desired, we can spend less time touring and head to the steep technical play zones. The Hodges Tour is usually around 60-90KM depending on the group.

Inquire For Pricing.

*Does not include chalet, snowmobile rental, and gas/oil.

Snowmobile Rental

BRP Grand Touring ACE 2-up

  • $229/day

After you sail through the sky over beautiful Exploits River you can trek through the mountains terrains of the Exploits Valley. Extend your stay and let us show you around the breath-taking scenery this area has to offer thru a snowmobile tour thru Riverfront Chalets. Exploits Valley, Newfoundland has some of the best snowmobiling in the province and is the place to experience the best that winter has to offer, with its pristine powder, exhilarating slopes, and groomed and backcountry trail

Exploits Extreme Ziplines will be an amazing addition to the awesome activities offered by the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor and the Exploits Valley and unforgettable memories for all those taking advantage of this world-class zipline..»

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